Green Oak Ranch is a retreat and event center used by churches, community groups, businesses and individual families. In addition, Green Oak Ranch operates a Christian residential recovery program for men and women. These programs support each other.

This is a valid concern for any group, especially those with children; and it’s one that we take seriously. However, we are also proud to share that in the 60 years our retreat center/recovery programs have operated in tandem we have not had even a single issue of a camper or group being negatively impacted by a member of our recovery program. We do not operate a “detox” program for people just coming off hard drugs. Our program is a long-term, residential program with a minimum commitment of nine months. All residents are fully screened by staff and undergo a thourough criminal background check prior to admission. Residents are involved in Christian program meetings and activities throughout the day and evening, in addition to serving on the Ranch. Residentroles include food service, housekeeping, grounds keeping and maintenance. The comments we MOST often hear are how helpful, friendly and servant-hearted the Green Oaks Ranch staff is to our groups. By visiting Green Oak Ranch, you help men and women find help, hope and a new life free from drugs or alcohol. You also help keep our program affordable and accessible to anyone who needs it. Learn more about the Green Oaks Ranch Recovery Program.

It is one of the most remarkable aspects of Green Oak Ranch that we are “steps away” but “a world apart!” Pull through the gate and you will literally forget that you are in town. The experience is truly like being in a remote mountain retreat; peaceful, serene. Some even comment that it’s like going back in time – a slice of the old west!

Green Oak Ranch provides 100+ acres of scenic outdoor space, meeting rooms, cabins, great meal service, and onsite activities. However, each group is responsible for its own camp leadership and programming. Do you need help or resources? Just ask and we will do our best to support you!

Green Oak Ranch does not have an on-site camp store however we are just minutes from grocery stores and other retail if your group has last minute needs.

As a rule, Green Oak Ranch prepares and provides all meals either in our dining room, Chuck Wagon area or in designated meeting rooms. Arrangements may be made for scout groups when meal prep is part of the overall scouting experience. Outside caterers are also sometimes allowed, with a service charge (i.e. wedding receptions). If you church or group would like to book Green Oak Ranch but do your own meal preparation then please contact us and we be glad to work out the details with you.

Yes! Green Oak Ranch kitchen is 100% ‘peanut free’ and ‘peanut oil free’. In addition, our kitchen staff will accommodate dietary restrictions, food allergy and food preference needs, whenever possible. We can also refrigerate medications or special meals brought in by/for individuals in your group. Our friendly kitchen staff is here to address your specific accomodation requests.  

As with most professional facilities, Green Oak Ranch requires that groups provide insurance for their events held onsite. This is a simple addition to most existing liability policies. We’re happy to walk you through it.  

The camp has basic first aid kits but no medical staff. We ask that your group provide the staff support and supplies to meet your medical/first aid needs.

Yes! Give us a call! We will set up an appointment for a tour and answer all your questions.