From guests to goats, this former pastor creates an environment for transformation at Green Oak Ranch

I sat in Chico Goff’s waiting for our meeting to begin. He rushed in, kicking the mud off his shoes and apologizing for being a little late. “Sorry, I was helping to check in a group of kids from a local school and showing a wedding planner around the grounds. But we had three baby goats born this morning, so things have been a little crazy,” he explained. “In other words – a typical day at the Ranch.”

Welcome to Green Oak Ranch. Since 1835 this property has been welcoming people to become part of its history of life transformation. However, in 2017 the leadership baton was handed to Chico Goff. A former pastor and youth pastor, Chico has spent a lifetime facilitating life transformation. He views his role as Director of Green Oak Ranch as an opportunity to continue this passion. “Anyone who has been to a camp or retreat understands that there is something special that happens when you step out of one’s daily routine, and experience the peace and serenity of nature,” said Chico. “We believe the Ranch is a place where God uses this very special environment to create life change.”

Green Oak Ranch is not just “another retreat center.” According to Chico, whether the groups that visit are a local school, management team, scout troop, church group, family reunion or sports camps, there is a theme of “transformation” that he believes connects back to the camp’s history.

This place has been a hub for connection since before California was a state. It has brought people together and been a part of positive life change for hundreds of years. I have the privilege of seeing it continue to happen every day.

Chico is a proud father and grandfather and loves to spend time with family whenever he can. In addition to occasionally helping to deliver baby goats, you will often see him racing around the ranch, kicking up a cloud of dust behind a golf cart. Yet just as often, you will find him praying for the groups and individual guests; inviting God to help them discover insight, hope and growth through their time at Green Oak Ranch.

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